Paintings and painting workshops of Patrick Fouilhoux

The museum of architecture and heritage, Sat 6th April 2024


Musée des monuments français

"La cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine" : 

The Museum of French Monuments ( its other name) is the only national museum which is entirely devoted to the history of architecture and monumental heritage, from the Romanesque period (12th century) to the present days. You will find Romanesque church portals, casts, sculptures, models of monuments... For artists, it is an infinite source of drawings, sketches, watercolors... Good training, in particular, for those who would like to work on the details in a “travel sketches” approach. You can bring a small folding camping chair, and drawing or watercolor materials.

Date :

Saturday 6th of April 2024 Meeting at 11 am until about 3 pm, with a sandwich break.

Price : 

50 €

Address and access : 

1 place du Trocadéro  75116 Paris. Metro: line 9, Iéna or Trocadéro stop / line 6, Trocadéro stop. Bus: lines 22, 30, 32, 63, Trocadéro stop / line 82, Iéna stop. Vélib: station n°16014. Bicycle parking nearby: avenue Paul Doumer, avenue Georges Mandel and avenue Kleber. 

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