Peintures et stages de peinture de Patrick Fouilhoux


1/ Tangier is located on the northern tip of Morocco, at the meeting of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The site is wonderful, overlooking the sea and the bay of Tangier. Due to the sea breeze, the temperature in August is much lower here than in Marrakech, for example. The city is still authentic and full of poetry.

History is very present in the architecture and the various districts of the city : a beautiful arab medina, 1900-1930 colonial districts, Spanish and French influences, superb Art Deco buildings or villas, more modern neighborhoods, colorful markets filled with fruit or spices. I prepared the workshop by selecting sites in Tangier itself, but also around : for example, a beautiful forest or a small town by the sea …

2/ Program : We shall paint « outdoors ». Every day, I will propose views that we can easily reach by foot or taxi ( taxi is very cheap). Teaching will take the form of a demonstration to the group and then personal assistance. All levels are accepted, as well as techniques : watercolor, gouache, … The painting session will take place every morning ( from about 9 :30 to the meal 13 :00 or 13 :30 ). The morning session can be replaced by an afternoon session, or delayed if we start later. The rest of the time, you will be free to paint, rest, explore Tangier…

Dans la médina de Tanger

3/ Price and conditions : € 385 for the workshop. This price includes organisation and tuition. It doesn’t include accommodation, transport or any specific insurance for the workshop. reservation fees : 185 €, non refundable after July 1st.

4/ Access : Tangier airport

5/ Accommodation :  I will give you tips for the accommodation.

6/ Complementary information : the workshops starts on Monday 8th and finishes on Saturday 13th of August 2022, totaling 6 days of painting and pleasure. 

stage de peinture à Tanger-painting workshop in Tangier
La baie de Tanger.