Paintings and painting workshops of Patrick Fouilhoux

Patrick Fouilhoux

I am a french painter living in Paris, working mostly with watercolour and oils. My subject matters range from landscapes and cityscapes to human figure. 2 important things feed my work : travel and « en plein air » painting. Plein air or outdoor painting, whether it be in nature or in cities, in particular, is a crucial experience, as it allows me to paint fast, «  alla prima », with as few corrections , and as much energy and freshness as possible.

I was born and raised in France, and have swedish decent on my mother’s side.

My artistic education is equally culturally diverse : I studied art in France, the United States and Sweden. On completing my studies, I began working in a very famous design company for three years . I then decided to leave France and lived and worked for two years in Africa ( Congo, Ivory coast, Niger, Cameroon). I found Africa incredibly inspiring and stimulating. It was during my extended stay in Africa that I produced my first travel watercolour sketches, most notably in Niger at the beginning. Since then, I have published numerous painting sketchbooks charting my journeys ( Senegal, Sicily, Tunisia, publisher Asa éditions). Upon my return, I decided to dedicate myself entirely to painting and art teaching. Since then, I work in my studio in the Bastille quarter in Paris. I have founded an art school : -L’atelier de la Villa Bastille- where I give classes in design, painting, watercolour.


Press and Media :

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